Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hey, Tall Girl in a High School Sweater

Girls didn't think boys their age would ever mature, and  it was especially difficult being a tall girl.  Boys eventually grew, but the wait was long.


  1. One year, it was stylish to wear cardigan sweaters backward - with buttons in back.

  2. Joelle, are you the tall girl in the collage? Funny, what brought back the most memories is the radiator in the lower right hand corner. We had one just like it in the house where I grew up.

  3. Yes, the photo is of me - my senior year in high school - but only the face. The other parts are taken from different sources. The radiator you mentioned is from one of Tom Wesselmann's paintings.

  4. timethief Hi there,
    I can't comment on your blog beacuse it's not set up for username and URL

    I like your collage and I recall that reversing sweathers year. My neighbour who was 2 years older than me and who I admired so much had a black cardigan she wore backwards.