Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Temptations never ceased, but it was "up to the girl" to determine how "far" a relationship would go.


Girls played basketball on half the court at a time while using a smaller ball, although all schools did not offer sports for girls.  Being a cheerleader, majorette or member of the pep club that supported boys' sports were the main options.   

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DHS Dragons

High school football was and continues to be today, a celebrated event.  Citizens of small towns were great supporters of their high school whether it was for sports, music or academics.

Sock Hop

Since most high school dances were held in the gym, students removed their shoes to prevent damaging the hardwood floors.  Couples danced the jitterbug, the bop and the twist in socks (or barefoot).  Tunes written for slow dancing were also popular, and enamored couples sometimes became "entangled" while still managing to walk around to the music.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Attending Sunday School and Church was mandatory and it was difficult to sit still for both - especially when participating in the children's choir.  Children sat together in the front of the Sanctuary with few adults nearby.    During one memorable Service, the usual loud whisperings and raucous behavior occurred, as well as the addition of several paper airplanes made from folded Church Bulletins that soared overhead. 


Two sisters whose parents both worked were involved in quite a bit of neighborhood mischief.  One of their acceptable undertakings was stringing two empty tin cans between houses to enable "communication" amongst their friends.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


He played the guitar and sang "Blue Suede Shoes" for a junior high talent show.  Everyone thought he looked just like Elvis, and the girls all screamed!  My family needed to meet him and give their approval though, before being allowed to date.


Financial affairs were frequently discussed by mentioning whether the family "ship" was in port or out to sea.  Times were very bleak when the ship was described as adrift and sometimes lost.