Tuesday, May 13, 2014


It was a common occurrence to see hitchhikers along the highway.  When one would successfully catch a ride, sometimes several members of his group would be waiting further up the road, in hopes of being included.


  1. Hi, Joelle! I certainly remember the days when hitchhiking was common and considered safe. I remember picking up a hitchhiker in the 1980s and getting a creepy feeling that he planned to mug me and steal my car. When we arrived at his destination I was not surprised when he asked for money. I gave him some because I suspected he might not take it well if I refused.

    Thank you for the warm greeting in your reply to my earlier comment. I hope you will consider following my blog and becoming friends. Thank you, Joelle!

  2. You're very brave to have picked up a hitchhiker in the 80's. I've never offered a ride to a stranger, since I can't forget that the father of a high school friend of mine was killed by a hitchhiker. Very sad.

    1. Very sad! It's equally dangerous to BE a hitchhiker in recent decades because you never know what type of individual is going to stop and pick you up.