Monday, September 24, 2012


Adoptions increased dramatically during the Fifties; however, new parents struggled with the decision about when, if at all, to tell their adopted child the truth.  It was a very private affair.  I knew that I was not adopted, but when I sought affirmation from my parents, their reply was they found me living in the forest with a bunch of rabbits and that was why I had such big ears -  not exactly the response I expected. 


  1. Ha ha! I like their answer. I think every kid at some point wonders if they were adopted. I still remember finding a birth certificate with someone else named as my mother. It had just been a mistake and my folks kept it as a joke. Still, for a moment there I wondered if it were true. Anyone, however, who saw the two of us together knew it to be false, though. I definitely take after her!

  2. That's interesting about the mistake on your birth certificate. One of my nephews had a different day listed on his birth certificate than the one he celebrated. He learned that after his mother died, so he still doesn't know which day he was born - his dad doesn't remember. He remedied the issue by celebrating on both days!