Monday, July 30, 2012


The first time a classmate wore peroxided hair and make-up to junior high school, we were all shocked; however, it wasn't long before most of us followed suit.  We combed peroxide in our hair, then let it dry in the sun for optimum effect.


  1. To complete our desired look, it was important to have a nice and crispy tan as well.

  2. idk about the peroxide. But the tan is still a necessity even though people know it cause skin cancer. I wonder if vanity may also be a sense of rebellion in that regard.

    Anyways, what mediums to you use for your collages?

  3. I thought the ants in the collage depicted nice and toasty tans - very necessary for "the look" in the Fifties. You may be correct about the sense of rebellion today in continuing that practice in spite of cancer warnings, but I believe that people generally think rules apply only to others.

    The materials I use to make the collages are magazines, family photos, whatever I can find that might help present the idea. I cut out images that interest me and eventually put them together, using a small amount of glue to hold the pieces in place. Each collage measures 8"x10".