Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The Fifties was not a time of tolerance toward people who were "different".  One little man who hung around downtown all day, wore haphazardly smeared lipstick and dressed in a strange manner.  He had a smile for everyone and children were not afraid when he followed them from store to store.  Someone in the community felt differently since he was forced to leave town.


  1. Hi Joelle, Avril and I are presently looking back through this blog and enjoying the posts one by one.

  2. I feel for the poor man. On the other hand, "Penn State" a case in point.

    We have a young man who wanders our street. A result of a brain injury from what we do not know. He seems harmless. Sometimes he comes out of his mental conversations to say "hi;" sometimes not.

  3. The Fifties was an era of contradictions - family and home came first, but feelings for others were not necessarily included. A few future collages will relate to serious issues of the Fifties and are meant only as illustrations of the time. I have been slow to publish them.

    Thank you both for commenting.