Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Sitting under the hairdryer for an hour or more was difficult.  Bobby pins were used to curl hair, then clippies, small pink sponge rollers, large wire & brush rollers, and then VERY LARGE rollers - even cardboard toilet tissue rolls.  In between the once a week visit to the beauty shop, girls would roll their hair every night and somehow manage to sleep!


  1. I always thought those days must've been torturous for women. But when I watch my daughter spending an hour straightening her hair, I wonder if things have really changed that much.

  2. Young girls were overly concerned about looks; however it must not be just a Fifties or Southern notion. The thought of someday being seen without make-up and with rollers in hair when we married was alarmingly discussed. Should we get up early? Sleep with make-up on? Run to the vanity immediately upon rising? Keep daylight out of the room?

  3. In January, the collage "Beauty Shop" will be exhibited in "Beauty Matters" - a juried show at Giles Gallery, Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY. "Miss Firecracker Legs" will also be shown.